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Case Studies
  Loop develop machine vision system and software for a Glass Arrissing System...  
  Loop create automated system to palletise brake disc castings for automotive manufacturer...
  Loop automate the process of printing to a robotic system for the Billet Palletising for ThyssenKrupp...
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Automation Systems Support
We can be there for you from the design stage right through to operator training and system servicing.
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Home - Loop Technology automation systems and robotics Dorset UK

Loop Technology - About Loop Technology Dorchester

Loop Environmental Commitment - Loop health, safety, environment and corporate responsibility

Automation Products - Purpose built machinery and bespoke automation systems

Composite Automation - Composite handling, inspection and carbon fibre lay-up

Carbon Fibre Composite Handling - 2D Composite handling for aerospace engineering applications

FibreFORM Composite Handling System - FibreFORM composite handling and lay-up system

FibreMOVE Composite Gripper System - FibreMOVE 2D composite gripper system

Composite Inspection - Carbon composites for aerospace engineering applications

Composite Handling and Inspection Applications - Composite handling and inspection applications

Composite R&D - R&D automation for carbon fibre inspection

Machining - Machining

Machining Applications - Machining applications for Milling, Trimming and Drilling

Machine Vision Systems - Machine vision systems

Machine Vision Applications - Machine vision system applications

Machine Vision Configurations - Machine vision configurations

Machine Vision Lighting - Machine vision lighting

Machine Vision Light Sources - Machine vision light sources

Machine Vision Lighting Techniques - Machine vision lighting techniques

Machine Vision Cameras - Machine vision cameras

Area Scan Cameras - Machine vision area scan cameras

Line Scan Cameras - Machine vision line scan cameras

Spectral Response Cameras - Machine vision spectral response cameras

Sensor Technologies - CMOS and CCD camera sensor technologies

CCD Sensor Cameras - Machine vision CCD sensor cameras

CMOS Sensor Cameras - Machine vision CMOS sensor cameras

Digital Colour Imaging - Machine vision digital colour imaging

Video Transmission - Machine vision video transmission

Machine Vision Frame Grabbers - Machine vision frame grabbers

Motion Control Systems - Motion control systems

Motion Control Applications - Motion control applications

Motion Control Motors - Motion control motors

Brush Motors - Motion control DC brush motors

Brushless Motors - Motion control AC brushless motors

Stepper Motors - Motion control stepper and micro-stepping motors

Motion Control Drives - Motion control drives

Analogue Drives - Motion control analogue Torque and Power Block drives

Digital Drives - Motion control digital regenerative and non-regenerative drives

Motion Control Controllers - Motion control controllers

Robotics - Robots and robotic automation

Robotic Applications - Robotic applications

Robot Types - Controller, arm, drive, end effector and sensor robot types

Robot Controllers - Robot controllers

Robot Cells - Robot cells

Robot End Effectors - Robot end effectors

Robot Safety - Robot safety safeguards

Automation Software Development - Automation software design and development services

Automation Services - Process Automation Systems and Machine Software Development Services

Automation System Installation - Loop Automation System Installation

Automation Consultancy - Loop Technology Consultancy Service for automation solutions

Machine Operator Training - Automated machine operator training South West

System Support - Automation system supports

Case Studies - Software development case studies / projects

Case Study: Glass Arrissing System

Case Study: Automated Palletising for automotive manufacturer

Case Study: Billet Palletising for ThyssenKrupp

Case Study: Printer alignment system for DEK Printing Machines Limited

Case Study: Control and metrology system for a laser sintering machine

Case Study: Automated Palletising for major soft drink manufacturer

Case Study: LED inspection system for automotive manufacturer

Case Study: Engine Marker inspection system for automotive manufacturer

Software Development Case Studies

Contact Loop Technology - Contact Loop Technology

Automation Jobs Dorset - Automation and Software Engineer jobs at Loop in Dorchester

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