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Fibre Eye Composite Fibre Inspection System
Fibre Eye Composite Fibre Inspection System
We are taking composite fibre inspection into the future with our new state of the art 'FibreEYE' Composite Fibre Inspection System designed for in-process verification of the composite fibre deposition process...
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Case Studies
  Loop develop machine vision system and software for a Glass Arrissing System...  
  Loop create automated system to palletise brake disc castings for automotive manufacturer...
  Loop automate the process of printing to a robotic system for the Billet Palletising for ThyssenKrupp...
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We can be there for you from the design stage right through to operator training and system servicing.
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Machining Applications

The process of cutting material away from a prototype or mould to form a specific structure is now being done very successfully by robotic milling processes. Using robots to undertake this process provides a precise solution, however simple or complex your needs may be. Milling robots can perform the exact cuts and movements required to produce extremely high quality end products, from ergonomically designed wheelchair seats made to fit specific patient shapes, to architectural projects requiring the fabrication of large, complex, three dimensional elements.

Compared to a regular CNC machine, a robotic arm offers a much larger workspace at a significantly lower cost. Interestingly this process is now being explored in an artistic way, using robots to paint with light, as 3D printers, or even to move cameras in the film industry.

Any object of any size or shape can be milled by simply adjusting the robot programming and end-of-arm-tooling.

Whilst this has been done by Industrial robots for many years and is ideal for repetitive trimming of identical part processing. We are able to offer bespoke part trimming by combining the power of CAD/CAM software with the flexibility of 6-axis robots demonstrating to the manufacturing industry what can be achieved.

Using industrial robots to meet your drilling requirements will improve safety and efficiency. Additionally, where hazardous particles could create an unsafe workplace, bespoke robotic drilling can provide you with the perfect solution.

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