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  Loop develop machine vision system and software for a Glass Arrissing System...  
  Loop create automated system to palletise brake disc castings for automotive manufacturer...
  Loop automate the process of printing to a robotic system for the Billet Palletising for ThyssenKrupp...
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We can be there for you from the design stage right through to operator training and system servicing.
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Machine Vision Systems

Machine Vision is an established part of the production process in a diverse range of industries from food and packaging to semi conductor electronics and telecommunications. It can perform roles as varied as quality checking, print and colour verification or system enhancement. Machine Vision systems are frequently used to gauge components, orient and align assemblies, inspect print or surface quality and identify faulty or missing elements. Vision Systems can reliably perform 100% inspection at rates that would be impossible for human operators around the clock if required. Vision capabilities are constantly developing and now include 2D and 3D robotic vision guidance.

Machine Vision components are continuously advancing, new technologies are being developed and new standards adopted; sizes are reducing, speeds are getting faster and algorithms are getting smarter.

At Loop Technology we ensure our knowledge of the industry is completely up to date. Using this knowledge we can draw on components from the world's best vision system vendors to provide a solution that is tailored uniquely to your application. With careful design we can provide systems that are not only scalable but can take advantage of future technology advances. Our services range from upgrading existing systems to complete turnkey solutions. In addition to providing static camera heads we can draw on our motion control expertise to provide a fully integrated moving camera platform, suitable for applications were access is restricted or several areas of a component need to be inspected.

Loop technology’s scope of knowledge includes software development, optics, lighting and enclosures to ensure the most appropriate integrated solution. In addition to the supply we also ensure your production team is fully trained and the long term health of the system is safeguarded in our comprehensive system support package.

A Complete Solution for Machine Vision Systems

We provide products and support for the following areas of Machine Vision systems:-

In addition to the software development design we can also provide operator training and system support.

Get in touch with us for more information or a no-obligation quote, we would be delighted to talk to you. If you would prefer a face to face meeting we would be happy to visit your premises for a free audit to discuss how any solution or service from Loop Technology would benefit your organisation. Contact us today.
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