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FibreMOVE 2D Composite Gripper System

FibreMOVE is Loop Technology’s highly developed 2D composite gripper system.

By using a configurable array of gripper modules it is capable of taking the shape of a wide variety of ply patterns, from rectangles to door or window frame panels.

This system is aimed at, but is not limited to, sorting and kitting applications where composite plies are transferred from a cutting table or conveyor to a sorting and ordering system.

How it Works

Designed to be mounted on a robot or gantry system, FibreMOVE works by taking ply shape data from a camera system or cutting table controller in order to calculate an even distribution of grippers within the ply boundary.

Grippers are then automatically driven to these locations and the fibre is lifted. This allows automated pick and place of complex 2D shapes which can be presented in random order and orientation.

FibreMOVE Composite Gripper System

Software Interface

A powerful software interface is supplied with the system allowing both automatic and manual control of the gripper. Built into the interface is a recipe editor capable of reading CAD data and auto generating an appropriate gripper configuration.

At runtime, commands can be sent to the controller either specifying a Recipe and Ply ID in which case the gripper will configure to its saved geometry or alternatively listing the required x, y locations of each cup.

Technical Specification

Overall Footprint (X/Y) 1780mm x 1690mm Variant sizes available
Pickable Area 1530mm x 1725mm Variant sizes available
Gripper Technology Vacuum cup, Bernoulli or Cyclonic
(Max diameter 75mm)
Total Mass Including support frame 250Kg
Operational Plane
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