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Fibre Eye Composite Fibre Inspection System
Fibre Eye Composite Fibre Inspection System
We are taking composite fibre inspection into the future with our new state of the art 'FibreEYE' Composite Fibre Inspection System designed for in-process verification of the composite fibre deposition process...
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Case Studies
  Loop develop machine vision system and software for a Glass Arrissing System...  
  Loop create automated system to palletise brake disc castings for automotive manufacturer...
  Loop automate the process of printing to a robotic system for the Billet Palletising for ThyssenKrupp...
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Automation Systems Support
We can be there for you from the design stage right through to operator training and system servicing.
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Composite Handling and Inspection Applications

  • Composite Handling
    New composite handling and composite inspection technology is performing successfully in trials at a global aerospace manufacturers. Using a combination of precision gantry, robotics, vision and automation in this process; large glass or carbon fibre re-enforced composite fabrics can be laid accurately onto double curvature surfaces. The use of automated composite layup dramatically improves the deposition rate over manual methods and automated composite inspection fulfils quality verification requirements. Composite handling and composite inspection are emerging technologies, ones which Loop Technology is already embarking upon second generation design.
  • Composite Inspection
    We have developed systems for the automated inspection for carbon fibre composite fabrics where we have the ability to check ply placement, fibre orientation, overlaps and gaps, and foreign object detection, as well as full surface profiling.
  • Composite Kitting Systems
    Using expertise in composite and carbon fibre handling as the foundation, Loop Technology can design, manufacture and install fully integrated composite kitting systems. These systems offer a comprehensive automated composite ply handling and management solution starting from carbon fibre ply picking at the cutting table through to the fully kitted stage where composite plies can be presented in prescribed order for immediate assembly.
  • Dry Ply Handling
  • Pre-Preg Handling
  • 3D pick and place
  • 3D form handling
  • Vision guided pick and place
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