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3D labelling line technical specifications

Min Product Size:
50mm x 50mm

Max Product Size:
450mm x 250mm

Single Robot: 2400 parts per hour.
Dual Robot: 4800 parts per hour.
Triple Robot: Up to 7200 parts per hour when running in a print and apply mode. Even faster rates are achievable in an apply-only configuration.


3D Labelling Line

Embracing the latest advances in 3D Imaging, our exciting new 3D Labelling Line has moved product marking and labelling to the next generation.

This automated product labelling line has been designed and developed by Loop Technology, increasing the scope of automated labelling for the future. Providing the perfect solution to customers whose labelling requirements are more diverse, this new generation line will handle any batch size and an almost infinite number of different products, all easily set up at the touch of a screen.

How it Works

By selecting the product from a touch screen recipe menu, the 3D camera scans and produces a 3D image of the product as it is placed on the conveyor. This information is communicated to the robot/s resulting in automatic identification of the product, its orientation and the particular label required. It then picks the correct label and by matching the scanned data to the Recipe requirements, it will ensure it is placed in the correct position, even though the products may come down the line in a random orientation. The benefits of such a simple product / batch change-over gives the customer increased flexibility and less down time, plus engineers and tooling changes are a thing of the past as this machine can be set up on the touch screen by the operator.


Plug and Play

The machine has been designed as plug and play and can be up and running within hours. It is a self-contained unit, encased in a fully interlocked and monitored enclosure incorporating polycarbonate panels for clear vision in operation. It can be supplied with input and output roller conveyors to assist with line integration or manual loading. All wiring is contained in trunking under the conveyor and the control cabinet is connected using industrial Harting connectors. The system design is modular and therefore scalable to suit a wide range of throughput requirements. It’s designed to provide the perfect solution to customers who have a wide ranging product collection, where label location varies and who need to change products and batch sizes quickly and easily.

  • Dynamic 3D Label Application
    The use of 3D imaging enables the robot head to match the surface orientation of the product and therefore adapt to each individual product as it comes down the line, ensuring every contact made is in the correct position.

  • Large Range of Product Types
    Product size can vary between textured or smooth.

  • Multiple Labelling Modes
    The system supports print and apply, apply only and mixed modes of operation whereby one robot can be performing print and apply and a second robot apply only for pre-printed or promotional labels. The label printers are versatile, labels of different shapes and sizes can be designed and printed on. A recipe of different labels can be built up and stored for use with different products. Sato printers are used by default but we are happy to integrate the customers preferred printer type if required.

  • Feature Avoidance
    This system can be trained to recognise certain features and then avoid them. For example it will avoid stalks, corners and awkward product areas where label placement would be unwanted.
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